Our Target Audience

Our goal is to make coach training accessible to everyone who has a heart for helping people grow. We have intentionally designed a program that will train all demographics and equip them to coach clients and individuals within their realm of daily life and work. Do you find yourself already “coaching” people within our life? Are you driven and motivated by helping others reach their goals? Do you love to learn about yourself and the world around you? If you answered yes to any of those… you are our target audience!

The Four Streams Network Coaches provide a consistent and truly transformational coaching experience for anyone who is looking to take their personal or professional game to the next level. We work with clients to tie their goals back to their bigger WHY, or purpose. Our focus is on helping people set themselves up for long-term success as they start to see the connected dots in their own lives, drive towards their ultimate goals, and become the best versions of themselves. If that is appealing to you… you are our target audience!

Now It’s About You:

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