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What is the 4SCN

Welcome to the Four Streams Coaching Network, or the 4SCN as we affectionately call it. This is a place for highly skilled and seasoned coaches to connect with clients in a whole new way. We help individuals, teams, and organizations realize their potential by, first, better understanding themselves. We combine tools from multiple disciplines including Coaching Methodologies, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and Worldview to help us along the way.

What Makes Us Different

Our FS and ICF certified coaches partner with clients globally to envision, work towards, and accomplish their most meaningful goals. Our coaching approach is different than mainstream coaching. We do not simply focus on actions and results, followed by actions and results… and so on. We work through a completely transformational model that starts with YOU, the client. We find out what makes you extraordinary, what makes you you? Then we move to your purpose. What gives you meaning and motivates you? Next we dig a little deeper towards actions, focused on which behavior changes are needed. And lastly, we land on results. Every time! What do you want to accomplish. How do we get there? Why will this be meaningful for you?

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The 4S App

The Four Streams Coaching App measures your progress, daily check-ins, and is the place where our clients connect with our coaches. Modern technology for modern coaching! This is a free app through the Apple app store and Google Play with a ton of resources for growth. You decide what you want to work towards, you connect with an individualized and certified coach, and you connect when it works for you! Subscription plans vary and the commitment level is up to you. Getting the push and assistance you need to go to the next level has never been so easy and close to your fingertips!

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Variety is the spice of life, and spices come in many varieties

~ Anaïs Nin