Molly Plumley, ACC


Molly has a 15+ year history in personal and professional development within organizations and has always truly loved being a part of the process of others finding their true path. Everyone has specific areas where they excel and draw from their natural giftedness, but sometimes those natural gifts can be hard to find. It is […]

Janae McKendry, ACC


Janae holds the strong conviction that we were created to flourish and to live a life full of purpose and meaning. In today’s culture, we are overwhelmingly disconnected from ourselves and others and constantly move from one day to the next without any direction about who we are, what we are doing, or why we […]

Charla Christy, PCC

Charla Christy

As a coach since 2012, one thing I have learned is that the most important thing I bring to the coaching relationship is me. Our values, beliefs, and experiences have as much to do with our effectiveness as a coach as our skills and training. I do have the training and certifications, but I also […]