What Drives Us?

Why do we coach, teach an accredited coach training program, and teach others how to do the same?

Our collective individual WHY’s, as well as our organizational WHY, intersect with the deep passion for helping more people to help more people on a truly transformational level. We know that every single person has purpose and meaning. We are driven to partner with students, coaches, and clients globally to envision, work towards, and accomplish their most meaningful goals. We also want to inspire people to help those around them accomplish their most meaningful goals. Ultimately, we want to help more people help more people.
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Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, states that the highest form of happiness comes when we know our signature strengths, reorient our lives to spend as much time as possible in those strengths, and use them in meaningful ways in service of something bigger than ourselves.

Now It’s About You:

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