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We believe in the dignity of every human being. This conviction inspires our ever-growing research and development in an effort to best serve our students, and ultimately our clients, in the discovery of their identity and purpose in life. The Four Streams Coaching model was created to journey through self-understanding on the way to living happier, more meaningful, more productive, and more fulfilling lives.



Chief Strategy Officer


Russ is an International Coaching Federation credentialed PCC, a TTI accredited facilitator in D.I.S.C, Driving Forces, and HD Acumen. He holds a Coachville Professional Coach Certification and is certified through CoachNet Global (2007). Russ holds a ThD in counseling, which was received in 2013. He is an active coach in the Four Streams Coaching Network (4SCN) as well as a content creator, mentor coach, and instructor with Four Streams Coaching. Russ is a Co-Founder of Four Streams Coaching.

Russ’s WHY: To recognize and nurture the dignity and power of the human spirit.

Russ believes that it is time for radical disruptions in the fields of consulting, coaching, and counseling. New developments in these areas, along with neuroscientific research, are beginning to help organizations and individuals realize that our general approach to human development has been the primary purpose of manipulating people to do more for less and/or leading them to believe that they can just power-through areas of their lives that are not working. New consulting, coaching, and counseling models are needed to enable people to better understand themselves in order to overcome organizational or self-imposed limitations in an effort to live happier, more productive, and more fulfilling lives.

Charla Christy


Director of Training


Charla is an International Coaching Federation Credentialed PCC, a TTI accredited facilitator in Behaviors and Motivators, and certified coach through Coachnet Global (2012). She holds advanced certifications from the Christian Counseling Education Foundation (CCEF) and holds a Coachville Professional Coach Certification. She is an active coach in the Four Streams Coaching Network (4SCN) as well as a content creator, mentor coach, and instructor with Four Streams School of Coaching. Charla is a Co-Founder of Four Streams Coaching as well as a Coach/Counselor with Denver Counseling & Coaching. 

Charla’s WHY: To help every person I meet know that they matter so that they participate and engage powerfully in every aspect of their life. 

As a coach since 2012, Charla has learned that one of the most important things a coach brings to the coaching relationship is themself. One’s values, beliefs, and experiences have as much to do with their effectiveness as a coach as their skills and training. She has the training and certifications, but she believes that her powerful life experiences impact and inform her coaching and her instruction as much as, if not more than, her formal training. She wouldn’t trade any of her life experiences, easy or hard, for the highest degree, yet she still has an insatiable hunger for learning. Charla looks forward to learning and growing with you, as you embark on this journey.



Instructor and Practicum Facilitator

Molly is an International Coaching Federation credentialed PCC, a TTI accredited facilitator in D.I.S.C, Driving Forces, and Emotional Quotient, as well as a Certified Four Streams Coach in the Four Streams Coaching Network (4SCN). She is also a Four Streams instructor, a business owner (TBD Coaching), and a Personal and Professional Development Coach. Molly has a BS from Carroll University with focus areas in Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, and Vocal music. 

Molly’s WHY: To help others see and use their natural giftedness so that they can go forward with humble ambition!

Molly has a 15+ year history in personal and professional development within organizations and has always truly loved being a part of the process of others finding their true path. Everyone has specific areas where they excel and draw from their natural giftedness, but sometimes those natural gifts can be hard to find. It is her absolute pleasure to be able to help people in this area. She loves to learn from others and looks at coaching as a process where all parties involved should feel challenged and grow.




Melissa is a Four Streams Certified Coach and a Certified PQ Coach. She has always been deeply passionate about developing individuals and organizations. Melissa has 15+ years of experience in personal development and is committed to journeying alongside others as they discover their true self. By having a deeper understanding of self and one’s natural giftedness, she believes individuals are equipped to walk in freedom and transformation.

Melissa’s WHY: to call out the true self which leads to freedom, transformation, and liberation for individuals and communities

Melissa’s background also includes curriculum development used both in domestic and international contexts. In addition to serving as an instructor for Four Streams, Melissa also has her own coaching business, Royal Coaching Colorado. She is honored to walk alongside students as they launch into their coaching journey.




Rebecca is an executive leadership coach and communications ally who has served with leaders and teams in more than 70 organizations. She is founder and principal of Story Solutions, in addition to working with Four Streams Coaching and the Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary. One of her favorite tools is The Values Deck, a set of 72 conversation cards she created to help people identify and live out their core values.

Rebecca’s WHY: To be an ally and advocate for human flourishing in every aspect of life: heart, soul, mind, and body.

Rebecca holds an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential from the International Coaching Federation and is a certified Motivation Code assessment facilitator. Her depth of experience with nonprofits is backed by her Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) credential and makes her a trusted source of best-practice counsel. She is also Dare to Lead Trained to guide teams with evidence-based tools from Brené Brown’s research on four skill sets of courage.


Practicum Mentor

Michelle Sugerman (PMP, PCC) is an author and leadership coach with Leading Synergies. She created Synergy Groups and TEAM Tenacity— powerful virtual groups for Christian leaders seeking community, accountability, transformation, and leadership. Her leadership gym is focused on strengthening faith and stretching possibilities while inspiring faith, grit, courage, and results. She has been coaching since 2004 and currently holds the International Coaching Federation’s Professional Certified Coach designation.

Michelle’s WHY:  To empower coaches and leaders to thrive with gentle confidence and fierce humility.

Michelle also partners with high-performers and heirs-apparent, especially in the STEMM industries. Her formal background in technology, franchise, and project management gives her clients an edge for implementing best practices and scaling towards sustainable success. Michelle lives in Colorado where she hikes fourteeners and enjoys gourmet meals with her loving husband and college sweetheart.



Christopher has been instrumental in developing and aligning world-class talent management to a global company’s high growth objectives which resulted in an acquisition. He has stabilized and increased a local non-profit’s impact during COVID, freelanced as a consultant and coach, deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom, established an urban leadership center, readied social justice activists, founded a rental property business, and achieved a B.S. in Human Resources.

Christopher’s WHY: To be a force multiplier in the pursuits of people, leaders, teams and organizations.

As a disciplined leader in non-profit, private and government sectors, Christopher’s motto is, “I win when you win!” He is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations make the breakthroughs necessary to attain their ultimate goals. With experience in employee-onboarding, diversity/inclusion/belonging management, performance coaching, and project management, Christopher brings insight and wisdom from various perspectives.



Chris Rodriguez is the host of the Soulfully You Podcast. Chris has helped teams at Stanford University, Stanford Health Care, Electronic Arts, and Google, among others, achieve work-life balance through movement and mindset workshops. Chris is also an Enneagram Assessment facilitator

Chris’ Why: To help others live a more soulfully integrated life, deeply rooted in purpose, artfully unified in community.

Chris’ motto is: “You can say yes to your ambition without losing yourself in the process.” 

As a mindset and movement coach, Chris’ grounding philosophy is the way back to our soulful self is through wisdom in our bodies. Often, we can change our mental state by engaging our bodies. Through a mind-body centered approach to coaching, Chris empowers his clients to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.


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