Our Programs

The goal of our Associate Level Program is to provide an in depth and thorough understanding of the Four Streams Coaching methodology, the ICF Core Competencies, and the ICF Code of Ethics. We fully prepare students to apply for their ACC credential through the ICF. Our Professional Level Program will help coaches take their craft to the next level as they prepare for their ICF PCC. And our Fast Track Program will cover all of the previously mentioned from a high level within one week. The Fast Track does not provide what is needed for an ICF credential, but is a prerequisite for the Four Streams Coaching Network for an already accredited coach. This is also a great program for someone who is looking to add a “coach-approach” to their leadership style.

Our Coaching Network

Our Coaching Network: The Four Streams Coaching Network is full of seasoned Four Streams/ICF credentialed coaches who are ready to serve you or your team. They can be found on the Four Streams Coaching (powered by rTribe) app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. They can also be searched and contacted directly through the Coaching Network page. Rest assured, these coaches know how to coach! 

Growth And Results

You can find thousands of books in the self-help sections of bookstores that teach people how to change with a primary focus on external behavior. Remember the rubber band on your wrist method?Or even those wonderful rewards charts for our kids? They can be very effective, for a time. However, sustainable change comes from growth—more specifically, internal growth. Growth at the root of who we are produces change that we benefit from after the rubber band is removed and all the shiny stars have been used up.We believe in helping people reach their potential through growth.

Four Streams Policies

In alignment with Four Streams’ belief that every human being has dignity we strive to practice this in our instruction and in our business methods. We value transparency and want to share our statements on a variety of topics. Click here to learn more.

Now It’s About You:

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