The Transformation Conversation: What is Transformational Coaching?

In the past decade, personal and professional coaching has become increasingly popular. As more people seek out guidance and support in achieving their goals, the demand for qualified coaches has grown.

Even through a pandemic, a recession, and global depression, the coaching industry is still thriving—as people seek out effective ways to improve their lives.

There are many different types of coaching, from business coaching and executive coaching, to spiritual coaching and relationship coaching.

What all coaches have in common is the goal of helping their clients achieve success.

They all have different backgrounds, different experience, different education, they may have taken different coaching courses or trained in different programs. They all use different approaches, techniques, and methodologies, but the end goal is always the same—to help others improve their lives in some way.

Thus, one could argue that all coaching can help to transform lives—in some way.

However, not all types of coaching are created equal.

While some coaches focus on helping their clients reach specific goals—other coaches take a more holistic, truly life-changing approach.

This is what transformational coaching is all about.

What is “Transformational Coaching”?

Most coach training programs focus on helping clients make specific changes in their personal or professional lives or businesses.

For example, coaching a client to get a new job, or lose weight, or make more money, or find a partner, or improve their relationships.

And those are important things!

But while those are all worthy goals, transformational coaching goes deeper.

That’s because transformational coaching goes further than simply helping a client achieve their goals.

Transformational coaching is about helping a client find their purpose, or WHY, and then aligning their goals with that purpose.

Not all coaching is transformational, and not all coach training courses focus on transformation.

The best coach training programs will help you to not just to make changes in your clients’ lives—but to transform their lives.

What’s the difference?

When you help a client make a change, they may or may not be successful.

But when you help a client transform their life, they will be successful because you’re helping them change from the inside out.

You’re helping them to change the way they think, feel, and believe about themselves and their lives.

And that changes everything.

As a coach, being able to help clients see the connections between their day-to-day actions and their long-term goals is crucial.

It’s what allows them to create lasting change.

It’s what allows them to transform their lives.

And it’s what separates coaching from other forms of personal development.

Transformational Coach Training

Four Streams coach training is different because we focus on transformation.

We believe that transformational coaching is the most powerful and impactful kind of coaching.

We want to help you not just make a difference in your clients’ lives—but to truly reshape their lives.

Our goal is not to simply help a coach or client achieve a single accomplishment. We work to tie their goals back to their bigger WHY, or purpose.

This type of coaching is based on the belief that everyone has the potential to reach their full potential, and that with the right support, they can make lasting changes to transform their lives.

The Fast Track Course: 6 Week Coach Training Program

A Focus on Transformational Coaching

The Fast Track Course at Four Streams Coaching is specifically designed to begin the transformation process in your life—and equip you to begin the transformation journey with others.

This condensed 6 week coach training course will help you understand Four Streams Methodology, how to have bold coaching conversations, and how to use transformational coaching in your own life and with clients.

The four streams of Four Streams Coaching are condensed into this concise online coaching course, which makes it the perfect introduction to transformational coaching—as well as a powerful opportunity for personal transformation.

The Fast Track Course is ideal for:

  • Individuals who are considering a career in coaching and want to learn more about what it takes to become a successful coach
  • Coaches who have an ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential and want to take their coaching to the next level
  • Coaches who want to learn more about Four Streams Methodology and how to use it with clients
  • Coaches who want to learn how to have bolder coaching conversations that lead to lasting change
  • Managers who want to learn coaching skills to support their team and become a better leader
  • Leaders who want to learn how to coach others in the organization and see people reach their full potential
  • Anyone who desires transformational change in their life but hasn’t yet found a method or framework that works for them
  • Anyone who loves to learn and wants to discover their purpose

If you’re interested in learning more about transformational coaching, want to help others create lasting change in their lives, or simply want to begin your own journey of personal transformation, the Fast Track Course is for you.

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more about the Fast Track coach training course and begin your transformational journey.