About Four Streams Coaching™ (4SC) 


Join us in believing in the dignity of every human being.

4SC was built on the simple belief that every person matters and has value. We strive to help our clients realize their fullest potential by partnering with them to reveal what makes them extraordinary through our transformational coaching model. Four Streams coaches work with clients to instill deep sustainable change with the combination of tools from our four streams: world-class coaching methodology, neuroscience, positive psychology, and worldview. 

Core Vision

  • Reveal to each person what makes them extraordinary
  • Facilitate sustainable change through our transformational coaching model
  • Inspire daily healthy habits through our robust check-in feature including assessing challenges, successes, energy levels, emotions, and more
  • Help redeem smartphone technology that promotes healthy living and flourishing

Charla Christy, PCC Charla-bio

President of Four Streams Coaching

Charla holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado as well as advanced certifications from the Christian Counseling Education Foundation. She was certified as a coach in 2012 through Coachnet Global. She also has Behaviors and Motivators certifications through TTI Success Insights as well as additional coach training through Coachville where she earned a CVACC (Coachville Associate Certified Coach). She is currently a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation. 

Molly Plumley, ACCMolly

CEO of Four Streams Coaching 

Molly holds a BS degree in Criminal Justice with focuses in Sociology and Psychology from Carroll University, an ACC credential through the International Coaching Federation, and is a certified DISC, EQ, and Driving Forces® facilitator through TTI Success Insights. It is her absolute pleasure to be able to help people find, and live in, their natural giftedness and strengths. She has a heart for giving back and truly wants to help those around her be the best versions of themselves. 

Janae McKendry, ACCJanae

Director of Program Development

Janae holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, an ACC credential through the International Coaching Federation, and is a certified DISC and Driving Forces® facilitator through TTI Success Insights. She is continuously working behind the scenes to help the wheels spin and developing new and exciting content for 4SC. She has a passion for working with people to help them rediscover their purpose and meaning in life through 4S transformational coaching model and research-based positive psychology practices.