Fast Track Coaching

The goal of the Four Streams Fast Track Course is to provide the transformational coaching method created by Four Streams to individuals or organizations that want the most powerful coaching method in a six-week course.

What Are The Four Streams?

The four streams of Four Streams coaching are condensed into this abbreviated course, which provides a powerful opportunity for development and transformation.

  • NEUROSCIENCE: Our approach to coaching is based on the whole person. Relying on and teaching about neuroplasticity of the brain, which refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience, is a primary component of the individual transformation that occurs at Four Streams. We use several different science-based assessment tools to facilitate self-discovery and understanding as we drive toward assisting our clients in living their best lives.
  • POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: We believe mindset has the power to shape one’s experience. Learning to stay anchored in optimism regarding the future is one contributing factor of success. Potentially, the greatest benefit of positive psychology is that it teaches us the power of shifting one’s perspective. In the Fast Track Course, Four Streams equips others to help people flourish through focusing on the positive.
  • WORLDVIEW: Each person’s worldview is based on their values, beliefs, experiences, culture, learning, and influences. Our worldview is the lens we use to interact with the world around us. The Fast Track Course helps you discover what elements of your worldview are hindrances and what elements are empowering. Identifying and letting go of the limiting factors of our worldview provides opportunity for lasting liberation.
  • TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING: Personal and professional coaching has grown as a profession in the last decade, but not all coach training programs are created equally. At Four Streams, we focus on transformation. Our goal is not to simply help a coach or client achieve a single accomplishment. We work with clients to tie their goals back to their bigger WHY, or purpose. The Fast Track Course will begin the transformation process in your life and equip you to begin the transformation journey with others.

Who Is Fast Track Coaching Designed For?

The Fast Track Course is designed for:

  • coaches who already have an ICF ACC, PCC or MCC credential
  • managers who want to learn a coach approach to leadership
  • business owners who want to help their employees thrive
  • leaders who want to see people reach their full potential
  • individuals who desire change, but haven’t found the tools for success
  • anyone who loves learning and wants to discover their purpose

How Long is The Fast Track Coaching Course?

This is a 6 week training that focuses on a coach approach to leadership to transform yourself and your employees. 

In this program, you will understand Four Streams Methodology, how to have bold coaching conversations, and how to use transformational coaching in your own world.

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