Consider Your Ways


Consider Your Ways

by Rachel Evans

Futurist, Joel Arthur Barker, once said, “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

I think often it comes down to this: People don’t know what they want out of life. Busy schedules and unpredictable patterns or sudden and unexpected changes prevent us from leading full and intentional lives with purpose and clarity. Perhaps we fail to pause and consider our ways; instead, we routinely find ourselves going through the motions. 

Consider these ways as you cast vision for 2022. Reflect on the year behind and lean into new possibilities for the year ahead. Grab a journal and put pen to paper. In doing so you may discover (and own) what has been inside of you all along when you see your thoughts, feelings, and reflections staring back at you. Cast vision and take action. Change the world.

  1. What was right or wrong, missing or caused confusion in 2021? Reflect on last year for the clarity you want to take into 2022. Do more or less of that. What is the most important way you can make this year different from last?
  2. Connect and collaborate with others. Share your dreams and vision with close friends and family. Find a mentor or expert in the field of your dream. In doing so you will receive perspective and practical help along the way. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share your excitement! 
  3. What idea might inspire your vision? Choose one word for 2022 and weave it into every area of your life. Write it down, say it out loud, look at it every morning. Make it part of your ethos.
  4. How will you tell your story more truly in 2022? Your vulnerability allows you to be a healing agent to others – offering a space for you and for them to flourish. Create this connection with someone else and discover what it’s like to be truly known.
  5. Set goals around your vision. What actions must you take to move in the direction of your vision and make it a reality? Your goal should be specific (give it a name), measurable (by how much), and timely (what’s the deadline). Make sure the goal is yours.

Be encouraged by these words from Paul Tripp: “Better than anything impressive that you could accomplish in this life, your life story is a biography of wisdom and grace written by Another. Every twist of the plot is for the best. Every turn he writes into your story is right. Every new character or unexpected event is a tool of his grace. Each new chapter advances his purpose.”

What’s the next artifact of beauty you want to create in 2022? The gold is there. Keep digging until it appears, because you are perfectly suited for what’s in store.


Quote from Desiring God, August 9, 2019: “You Are Not the Author of Your Story” by Paul Tripp