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PERMA: A Deep Dive into Positive Psychology’s Model of Well-Being


By Janae McKendry In our most recent blog, we introduced PERMA, the scientific theory of well-being. PERMA is made up of 5 elements that are essential for growing happiness in your life. Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.  Each element is important to pursue on its own, but the combination of all 5 provides […]

Flourishing: Well-being Through Positive Psychology


By Janae McKendry Positive Psychology is not merely about being positive, thinking positive thoughts, or sharing positivity with the world. Its aim is not to feel happy at a given moment — it goes much deeper than that. It answers the question, “How can I flourish?”  “If Positive Psychology is to be more than a […]

What’s In A Name…An Explanation Of Four Streams


By Molly Plumley A table has four legs, a car has four wheels, and Four Streams has FOUR STREAMS that guide our organization. Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Worldview, and Transformational Coaching. We would like to explain why these four streams are important to our organization and how they direct us in everything we do.  Neuroscience: Since […]

The Story Behind Four Streams Coaching Powered by rTribe


By Janae McKendry There are super exciting changes happening on the rTribe platform!  We are shifting to a transformational coaching-focused model with Four Streams Coaching (4SC).  We can’t tell you how thrilled we are for this transition as we will be queued up to serve even more people through strategic partnerships and business-to-business relationships. Our […]