The Purpose Behind Four Streams


Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, states that the highest form of happiness comes when we know our signature strengths, reorient our lives to spend as much time as possible in those strengths, and use them in meaningful ways in service of something bigger than ourselves.

This has been a core belief of our counseling and coaching since we began.


You can find thousands of books in the self-help sections of bookstores that teach people how to change with a primary focus on external behavior.

Remember the rubber band on your wrist method?  Or even those wonderful rewards charts for our kids?

They can be very effective, for a time. However, sustainable change comes from growth—more specifically, internal growth.

Growth at the root of who we are produces change that we benefit from after the rubber band is removed and all the shiny stars have been used up.   We believe in helping people reach their potential through growth.


Chief Strategy Officer



Since 1992, Russ has been helping individuals, couples, and organizations discover their true identity and purpose in life. He believes that every human being has inherent worth and is capable of amazing achievements that are oftentimes obscured by just plain-old bad thinking.

Russ believes that it is time for radical disruptions in the fields of consulting, coaching, and counseling.

New developments in these areas along with neuroscientific research are beginning to help organizations and individuals realize that our general approach to human development has been the primary purpose of manipulating people to do more for less or leading them to believe that they can just power-through areas of their lives that are not working. New consulting, coaching, and counseling models are needed to enable people to better understand themselves in order to overcome organizational or self-imposed limitations in order to live happier, more productive, and fulfilling lives.

These convictions have emerged from Russ’ faith in Christianity, a ThD in Biblical Counseling, certifications in Behaviors, Motivators, and Acumen sciences through Target Training International, multiple certifications in coaching, and training more than forty organization and life coaches. More than mere theory, he has been able to validate his conclusions through corporate consulting, extensive work with the Colorado Department of Corrections, founding and directing the Denver Counseling & Coaching Center, socio-economic relief projects in Kenya, and his private counseling and coaching practices.

Russ is pretty good on a road bike in the Colorado mountains, but otherwise, he’s not a particularly impressive human specimen as he is getting old, has no hair, lost his right eye when he was eleven, and has a cobalt implant for a right knee. Nonetheless, he’s great with people facing all kinds of situations as his experiences have helped him better understand what Leo Tolstoy meant when he wrote: “There is something in the human spirit that will survive and prevail, there is a tiny and brilliant light burning in the heart of man that will not go out no matter how dark the world becomes.”




As a coach since 2012, one thing I have learned is that the most important thing I bring to the coaching relationship is me. Our values, beliefs, and experiences have as much to do with our effectiveness as a coach as our skills and training.

I do have the training and certifications, but I also have some pretty amazing experiences.

I have lived a life full of pain and suffering, love and joy, accomplishments and failures. I’ve struggled with the ups and downs as a wife of police officer since 2000. I have built a thriving counseling and coaching practice. I’ve survived my mom’s suicide. I’ve raised a fabulous young boy. I’ve taught in Cambodia and built a playground there too. I’ve gone from being someone with no hope or belief in herself to someone who has created a school to train people who will show others that they can accomplish anything if it aligns with their deepest core values.

I have met and coached some amazing people and teams. I’ve watched a man save his ministry from closing after just one coaching session. I’ve coached people who wrote books, ran marathons, survived deaths, started businesses, retired, planted churches, and even became coaches. I have seen how all of these experiences, and many more, impact my ability to connect with and encourage everyone I work with. I wouldn’t trade that for the highest degree, but I know how important education is too. Learning is one of my highest motivators and I’ve done a lot of it!

I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Colorado as well as advanced certifications from the Christian Counseling Education Foundation. I was certified as a coach in 2012 through Coachnet Global. I have Behaviors and Motivators certifications through Target Training International – they do the assessments we use in all of our coaching. I completed another coach training program through Coachville and earned a CVACC (Coachville Associate Certified Coach) as well as my Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through International Coaching Federation.

I look forward to learning and growing with you, as you embark on this journey.


Chief Executive Officer


Molly has a passion and drive for business development and strategic planning. She has years of experience in New York City, Chicago, and Denver building up custom clothing/menswear companies from within and in the marketplace. She strongly believes that a winning team is unstoppable and is excited to be on such a winning team at Four Streams!

Molly also has a 15+ year history in personal and professional development within organizations and has always truly loved being a part of the process of others finding their true path. Everyone has specific areas where they excel and draw from their natural giftedness, but sometimes those natural gifts can be hard to find. It is her absolute pleasure to be able to help people in this area. She loves to learn from others and looks at coaching as a process where all parties involved should feel challenged and grow.

She is driven by facts, data, process, psychology, sociology, business, family, faith, and learning. Molly holds her ACC through the International Coaching Federation and is headed straight towards her PCC. She is a certified facilitator of DISC, Driving Forces, and EQ through TTI Success Insights and loves using these neuroscientific tools with individuals, couples, teams, and organizations to help them become the very best versions of themselves. She holds a BS in Criminal Justice, with focuses in Psychology, Social Work, and Music from Carroll University. Outside of 4S, Molly also owns and operates TBD Coaching and a small men’s custom clothing company.

She loves the outdoors, family, boxing, music, theater, skiing, travel, and anything involving time with her kids. Molly is a Colorado native who currently lives just outside of Denver, CO with her husband, their two children, and dog. She is so very grateful to be a part of the Four Streams team and is forever excited to see what the future holds!


Director of Program Development and Student Liaison

Janae holds the strong conviction that we were created to flourish and to live a life full of purpose and meaning. In today’s culture, we are overwhelmingly disconnected from ourselves and from others and constantly move from one day to the next without any direction or reguard for who we are, what we are doing, or why we are doing it. This has led to an epidemic of loneliness, anxiety, and depression, among many other issues. People are also increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs due to mismanagement and lack of motivation or are completely unfit for the role based on their behavioral type or core values.

Because of these glaring issues, Janae believes there is a great need for change in many areas, but is primarily focused on helping people flourish through a proven coaching model and assessment tools. This passion has led her to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, attain her ACC credential through the International Coaching Federation and is a certified DISC and Driving Forces® facilitator through TTI Success Insights. She loves to help people find ways to rediscover their purpose, meaning in life, grow confidence, improve communication skills, and develop deep meaningful relationships.

Janae and her husband, Zach, live in Denver, CO with their two young children. She loves a good workout, coffee (who doesn’t?), and enjoys all the beautiful things Colorado has to offer. Janae and her family have lived a life full of ups and downs and is grateful for every hard lesson she has learned because she wouldn’t be who she is today without the experience of hardship and failure.


Director of Engagement

Michelle has the joy of interacting with people of all ages from different stages in life. She is a mother of 3 and a grandma of 4! She also has the privilege of doing life with her aging parents. Michelle believes that no matter what age they are, people are happiest and most fulfilled when they have a sense of purpose and belonging. That’s what she loves about the process of coaching, you get the chance to work with people as they discover their “why”…their reason for being and the gift they are in their corner of this crazy life!

Michelle holds her Associate Coaching Certification (ACC) From the International Coaching Federation and is an accomplished, experienced, and truly transformational coach. Due to her passion of people, Michelle is a huge benefit to the Four Streams team as a ‘director of fun’ and engagement.